Credit Union Saves the Day – And the Dog!

Credit unions in Missouri show their concern for members every day.  But in Caryn McManus’ case, that concern extended to her furry friend – and helped save his life.

McManus took her loyal pooch, Winchester “Chester,” to the vet this spring for a routine teeth cleaning. During the procedure, the vet found a nasty lump on Chester’s gums. A biopsy revealed that the five-year-old lab mix had a type of cancer that grows on the bone.

“I took him to a specialist and was told that we caught the cancer early, but he was going to get very sick,” says McManus. “Unless the cancer was removed, it was fatal.”

The surgery to remove the cancer and several teeth would cost approximately $2,500. McManus was devastated.

“Even though my head told me I was crazy to spend that kind of money on a dog,” she shares, “my heart told me if there was a chance to save Chester, I had do something.”

McManus has been a member of Missouri Central Credit Union (MCCU) in Lee’s Summit for 12 years. To pay for the procedure, her husband recommended contacting the credit union to see if a loan against their car was possible.   A MCCU member service representative talked with McManus over the phone and quickly started on the paperwork for a loan.

The next month, Chester had his surgery.  Two weeks later, lab worked showed the dog was cancer free.  McManus is looking forward to many happy years with her faithful companion.

“My beautiful blonde dog is happy and healthy,” says McManus. “I’m very grateful for the vet hospital, the veterinarian who caught Chester’s cancer early, and Missouri Central Credit Union for helping Chester get the surgery he needed.”


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