Households that belong to a credit union save $126 each year – just by being a member     –

The more you use a not-for-profit credit union, the more you benefit.

Last year, on average, a credit union member received direct financial benefits of $62 through lower rates on loans, higher returns on savings and lower and fewer fees than he or she would have earned or paid by doing their financial business with a bank.

Credit union members quickly discover: To know a credit union is to like a credit union.

But, the $62 financial benefit is only an average (about $6 billion spread among 96 million credit union members nationwide).

Loyal members – those who use the credit union and its services extensively – often realize total financial benefits that are even greater than the average.

And they consistently rate credit unions tops in service and satisfaction.

Those loyal members get it: To use a credit union is to love a credit union.

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